Nasty experience on my way to work about 6.10am, 12th August 2013. I usually leave home at 8amto avoid the rush but I had a long day planned and wanted to quickly negotiate a surgery I had planned for 8am. I didn’t beat the  traffic as I had hoped and still dozy from my early rising I foot exercised with the accelerator and brake pedals to Iyana Oworo (Lagos bound).  From the surrounding darkness I heard a tap on my window. I looked and saw a man asking me to wind down. Strange, cause it was too early for hawkers I assumed. Confused I asked what he wanted through the glass and he lifted his hand to show me a barrel covered with a handkerchief. 

Confused and panicking, I kept shouting, “what do you want, what do you want?” while he kept flashing the “gun” at me as the traffic crawled. In the midst of the confusion I noticed an opening in the lane beside me and moved into it. Surprisingly for Lagos traffic, there was another opening in the next lane and I glided into it as the villain disappeared. 

I was shaken by the incident which lasted no more than 10seconds and I drove the rest of the way to work in a bit of a trance. The gospel CD  I had chosen over the radio when I left home played on and I said a prayer of thanksgiving.  I remembered my friend, Andy Capp, telling me he had been robbed around that area; I remembered the gun riddled car with the blood soaked corpse I had seen about the same spot some months ago; I remembered the Dr and my brother’s friend who were killed in similar circumstances and I remembered my shaken kids when burglars invaded my dad’s house last year. 

I wondered what had led the young man to crime? Poverty, frustration, poor morals or bad company? Definitely it was the work of the devil as we often hear criminals who have been caught plead. I wanted to curse the country and the leaders as I  thought of dusting my passport and checking out. But then I remembered all those stories I read in Daily Mail UK and US and the ones I hear on Sky News. The rot is everywhere I surmised as I got to the office. 

In the comfort of my office, I did my daily devotion. My devotional, Our Daily Bread, today talked about the end of the world and how no one knows when that will be  I’ve always known that that the world ends for each of us the day we die. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong habits, wrong set of circumstances and it could be over prematurely. Right place, right time, right habits, right set of circumstances and it could be over prematurely too. Whatever we do, its never in our hands.  

The world of today seems to want to put God in the background hoping He will disappear not knowing that that is where He is strongest. Amazingly on Dstv, words like God, Jesus, the F word and other swear words are deemed offensive and blotted from our hearing in movies. Interestingly when in trouble, the lead actor chooses his exclamation from this list. What do you say when you are in trouble? Do u blurt out the “F” word or do you cry for help, “oh God?” We have more options to choose from. 

The incident and devotion of this morning stirred me to share this with you. We continue the journey of life but we don’t have full control over the ship (car, plane, train or whatever) leading us to the end point. Let’s make the right choices and may God continually watch over us and eventually lead us back to him. 

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  1. Maryam says:

    Thank God for you sir!


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