I can’t guarantee you that I have the answers, and neither can you assure me that you do, dear Atikulated one.

It has been said that he wants to be President to steal more money, or that he wants to use it to enter America, or that he wants to enrich his friends. Some believe he wants to rescue us from Buhari, but I think that is what they want, and not necessarily his aim. There is an obvious answer though, and it is that he wants power.

Abubakar Atiku has been in this power hunt for quite a while now. It dates back to when he was selected to be Obasanjo’s running mate in 1998 and probably long before that. His irritation with OBJ truncating his quest for the ultimate power when he was so close was glaring. He has continued to chase it since then. Indeed only Buhari and Kris Okotie have run after that position more than him. Now he’s close to it again.

His lust for wealth (like the average Nigerian politician) seems to have been his primary motive for wanting power, but as the number two man he found ways of getting rich and has stayed very rich since then. His next five generations can never be poor if they manage his wealth well. So there is a possibility he isn’t in the hunt for money this time.

So what else does power offer apart from money? Security. Well, the US haven’t threatened to crate him Dikko style and he has remained quite secure as an “ordinary” Nigerian citizen with friends in high places, despite his former sworn enemy OBJ’s rants and accusations.

I may be wrong but I think he wants power for control. This can be power for power’s sake or to push an agenda. It was rumoured that Buhari wanted power for a Fulani and Muslim domination agenda. Atiku doesn’t seem deeply clannish or religious, and his businesses are running well as it is now, so what could he possibly want to control?

I said somewhere that it may take a corrupt man to run a corrupt country well, after all the mafia is a well run organisation. Is this why Atiku thinks he is the best man to rule this country? Well given what we see in some other parts of the country, he may have a case.

Interestingly, a lot of people have become Atikulated for the sake of being against the incumbent. Like many who didn’t care for Buhari but wanted someone against Johnathan they don’t care much for Atiku. Some were in favour of Buhari when Saraki and co held his hand, now they are holding Atiku’s hand with Saraki and co again. Such is the confusion in the land.

When Buhari ran and won, we expected change but didn’t get much of it. A slow transformation because the rot was too deep and processes too slow; or plain ineptitude of the Government? Maybe both. Now what some expect if Atiku wins is corruption unlimited or a “change” for the better. Who knows what we will get?

I think it may depend on what Atiku wants to control. My hope is that the vacuum created for a man who is already crazily rich and secure, will be filled by the yearning to leave a positive legacy of some sort behind. That is IF he wins. And yes, I know it’s silly to have such hope. Even I won’t bet on it. But it’s just as nice a hope as Buhari winning and fulfilling change, or Osibajo somehow becoming the President we know he can be, or that Mogalu or Oby win and refresh us. Any dream that will deliver Nigeria from the present rot and take her forward is worth wishing for.

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5 Responses to WHAT DOES ATIKU WANT?

  1. Rotimi Dada says:

    Hard to trust the man with our commonwealth. His antecedents speak negative volumes


  2. Kolade says:



  3. Dr Ayo says:

    A very succint summary to the dilemma facing our dear nation at such a critical time. The question plaguing my mind is do we realise we gerting close to the edge of the point of no return if we keep getting it wrong as a nation? Its such a huge a huge shame that we all agreed that the 2 top contenders are not anywhere close to our best choices but we still fyting and clamoring for them all the same…. madness is doing same thing over and over again and expect diff outcome…

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